UPDATE: 'Wig Bandits' charged in Valley bank robberies

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Suspects indicted


PHOENIX -- After allegedly robbing several Valley banks, the "Wig Bandits" have been indicted.

The bandits have been charged with multiple counts, including armed robbery.

Police say they hit four Phoenix banks between June and August and threatened tellers with guns.

If convicted the "Wig Bandits" could face up to 25 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


PHOENIX - Police say the "Wig Bandits" who were behind a string of bank robberies have been arrested.

Phoenix police arrested six suspects, four men and two women. Police believe these suspects may be responsible for as many as 15 robberies across the Valley.

A police spokesperson tells 3TV, "Because of these robberies a task force was formed involving Phoenix PD, Glendale PD, Scottsdale and FBI. They were targeting these robberies. and that's why this task force was formed."

According to witnesses who were at a robbery that took place Tuesday the suspects were wearing black masks.

According to Phoenix police spokesman Tommy Thompson, a bank at 115th Avenue and Buckeye Road was robbed by four armed gunmen.

After fleeing from the bank those four suspects were taken into custody in a field south of 105th Avenue and Buckeye Road. Officers also took two women into custody.

Officers say they believe they are the same robbers who wore women's wigs as disguises during other crimes.

Police are holding a news conference on Wednesday to release more details on the arrests.