8 Year-old murder suspect's interview with police

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Tapes show 8-year-old's interview after double murder

UPDATE: Monday, Nov. 17

ST. JOHNS, Ariz. -- New tapes show the police interview of the 8-year-old boy accused of murdering his father and another man.

The interview was recorded in St. Johns shortly after the two men were found dead.

Only 12 minutes of the much longer police interview tape was released.

In the clip, the young boy talked about coming home and discovering his father on the floor with blood on his face.

The audio allows listeners a chance to hear the boy's voice and gives listeners a sense of the youth of the 8-year-old child.

At the beginning of the clip, interviewers tell the boy that he should tell the truth, even if the truth is about anything "bad."

The young boy agrees.

He says that he started to walk towards his home and he saw the door opened.

He called for his father, and he went upstairs.

The boy then says, "And then I saw him."

The 8-year-old found his father with blood all over his face.

The boy says that he thinks he touched the blood.

This is all stemming from the turn of events surrounding the young boy and the two murder victims he claims to have found.

Police arrested the boy saying that he killed his father, 29-year-old Vincent Romero and another man, Tim Romans, a 39-year-old boarder at their house.

The tragic story has been continuing to capture public attention.

Police have been criticized for not reading the child his Miranda rights and for talking to him with no parent or legal representation.

Police have defended their actions by explaining that they were first treating the child as a victim, and it was not until later that they realized the boy would be the lead suspect in the double murder case.

UPDATE: Wednesday, Nov. 12

ST. JOHNS, Ariz. -- The young boy accused of the shocking double murder in the small town of St. Johns, Ariz., was due back in court Wednesday morning, but his hearing was canceled.

Meanwhile, the family of one of the victims is making funeral plans.

Tim Romans was shot and killed alongside his friend and father of the suspect, Vincent Romero.

Friends and neighbors of the Romeros are still in shock, saying it just doesn't add up.

A funeral service for Romans is set for Saturday. It will be held at a private home on the San Carlos Apache Reservation where he grew up.

There is no word on why the hearing was canceled.

UPDATE: Monday, Nov. 10

ST. JOHNS -- An 8-year-old boy accused of fatally shooting his father and another man is set to appear in court Monday.

The boy is being charged as a minor with two counts of premeditated murder, but St. Johns police are hoping a judge will agree to try him as an adult, even though they say it's unlikely.

The boy's father, Vincent Romero, and a co-worker who rented a room from him were found dead inside Romero's home last week. Police say the boy planned and methodically carried out the killings, and confessed to them.

But the boy's attorney, Benjamin Brewer, says police overreached in questioning the boy without representation from a parent or attorney and did not advise him of his rights.

St. Johns is a 4,000-person community 170 miles northeast of Phoenix.

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ST. JOHNS - New details are coming out as the investigation continues into the case of an 8-year-old St. Johns boy accused of murdering his father and another man.

3TV is not releasing the boy's name because he has not been formally charged.

Police say the boy shot his father Vincent Romero and another man, Tim Romans on Wednesday but the boy's defense attorneys are questioning the investigation. They say police violated the boy's rights by interrogating him without a guardian or attorney present.

St. John's Police say the murder was pre-meditated and are pushing to have the boy tried as an adult.

Meanwhile health professionals warn not to jump to conclusions about what may have led to the murders.

Kim Lipsman, a therapist, tells 3TV, "We don't know what causes children to snap like thatthere's a wide range, that's why assumptions should not be made until an accurate assessment is made."

In another twist, a Roman Catholic priest says the boy's father initially consulted him about whether the boy should handle guns.

According to the Associated Press, Rev. John Paul Sauter says Romero was a hunter and wanted to make sure the boy was not afraid of guns. The priest says Romero taught his son to kill prairie dogs with a rifle.

The boy is set to appear in court again on Monday. If he is convicted he would remain in juvenile detention until he is 18 years old.


Police have arrested a suspect in the killings of two men in the northern Arizona town of St. Johns.

Police Chief Roy Melnick said Thursday that a suspect will face charges in the deaths of Vincent Romero, 29, and Tim Romans, 39, of San Carlos.

He would not disclose any details about the suspect's identity because the person is a juvenile. The suspect is scheduled for a hearing Friday in Apache County Juvenile Court.

Authorities found both men in Romero's home Wednesday evening after someone reported hearing gunshots.

Melnick did not disclose how the victims were killed but a firearm was used.

The men were co-workers at the local power plant.

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