Teen's body found inside car under brush; passenger injured

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Deadly car crash

PHOENIX -- Phoenix police officers are investigating a car crash that killed one teenager and injured another.

Police say two teens were involved in a crash in the area of Cave Creek and Pinnacle Peak roads Monday night.

A 19-year-old passenger managed to walk away and was found lying on a median.

Police officers say he was injured, disoriented and had a strong smell of alcohol.

The victim told police he was involved in an accident, but officers could not locate a vehicle.

Police say the victim was transported to a local hospital with fractures and lacerations.

On Tuesday, the driver's father reported him missing. The father told police he allowed his son to use his family vehicle but was supposed to return home at midnight on Monday.

On Thursday, the injured teen told the driver's father that his son had been involved in a crash Monday night. Investigators spoke with the passenger and determined where the accident occurred. They went back to the scene that evening but they were unable to locate anything due to darkness and the terrain.

Police found the car beneath heavy desert bush and trees on the southeast corner of the intersection of Pinnacle Peak and Cave Creek roads Friday morning. The driver was found dead inside the vehicle and appeared to have died in the accident.

Police say they do not know if the 17-year-old driver was intoxicated.

Police are not releasing any more information about the driver at this time.

This incident is under investigation by detectives.