Over 100 Valley schools less safe after losing resource officers

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Many Valley schools without security officer

PHOENIX - It is the first day of school for most students across the Valley and the state's education chief says many of them are a lot less safe in the classroom than they were last year.

Valley student Ryan Teed could do worse for directions. His mother Kim walked the same halls of Horizon High when she was a freshman in high school and while the buildings have not changed, the times have.

When two students went on a shooting rampage at Columbine High 10 years ago, there was no security in the school. That sparked a national change: School resource officers.

For the past seven years, Horizon has had a Phoenix cop named Roy Belcher. said to be a teacher, a mentor and armed campus security.

Nevertheless, this school year that help is gone. Instead, state lawmakers made schools compete for security like a grant application. With far fewer dollars devoted, 155 schools were out of luck and are now out of officers.

For some parents, it means a different world of worries. Kim Teed says she will make it as long as school stays safe in the meantime. " I think high school was one of the best times of my lifeand I hope he has the same great experiencebut as a parent, it's tough."