St. Johns mom breaks silence on nat'l network interview

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Analysis of mom's interview

PHOENIX - The gag order imposed by the judge in the St. Johns double homicide case does not apply to the boy's mother.

Twenty-six-year-old Eryn Bloomfield granted her first interview. 3TV was really looking to hear what she thinks about the controversial confession tape and if she thinks her son is capable of the murders or if she thinks someone else killed the men. Nevertheless, those questions were never asked.

After flying to New York for the interview Bloomfield did not come out and say, 'My son did not commit these murders.' Her response when asked what she thinks about police labeling her 8-year old a killer was, "Well I say he's my sona good little boya nd what I think is. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?"

But no follow-up questions were asked about the murders or the controversial tape of officers getting the boy to admit he thinks he shot his father, Vince Romero, and his father's friend Tim Romans.

3TV showed the interview to former homicide prosecutor Mike Bailey. "I have kids and you'd certainly want to defend your kids," Bailey admits. "It's clear to me the mother thinks something's gone wrong with the way the confession's come out."

She, nonetheless, does not come out and say it. ABC made it clear some topics were off limits in the interview by saying, "We want to point out she told us in advance she cannot comment on the investigation of the evidence."

3TV does not know if the boy's mother thinks her son was involved in the murders. Bloomfield only says her son never had any problems at school or at home. She explained, "He had a good relationship with his father. They did everything together. He loved his dad."

The boy's dad, in divorce papers, paints Bloomfield as an absentee mother who moved to Mississippi. That has now changed and Bloomfield visits her son daily in the juvenile detention center.

They have half-hour visits usually on opposite sides of a glass partition but on certain days she says they are allowed to spend time in the same room. "I get two visits, physical visits where we'll sit in a room. He'll sit on my lap and hold on to me the whole time through the half hour."

Bailey says, "It was a sympathetic interview, but at the end of the day it comes to the evidence that shows at trial."

The boy will spend a full 48-hours with his mother outside the juvenile detention center for the Thanksgiving holiday.

They will be allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving together, a ruling by the judge that is not sitting well with the family of Romans.

The controversy in this case will continue a few days later when prosecutors are expected to lay out their case for trying the 8-year-old as an adult.