Thieves stealing eyeglasses valleywide

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CHANDLER -- The Chandler Police Department is asking for the public's help to identify suspects who have been stealing eyeglasses.


Men accused of stealing expensive eyeglasses - Police need your help finding a group of men accused of stealing expensive eyeglasses.

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The thieves have taken expensive eyeglass frames and sunglasses from businesses valleywide.

According to Chandler police Sgt. Joe Favazzo, there have been five burglaries and several more attempts at Chandler optometry offices since January.

The suspects forced entry into the businesses at night either by smashing windows or prying doors.

Favazzo said that in some of the burglaries, the businesses reported being cased by adult Hispanic males who came in looking around and asking questions about the frames.

So far the suspects are responsible for thefts in excess of $30,000 in the Chandler area alone.

These crimes are happening valleywide by what police believe to be more than one group.

Anyone with information about these suspects or cases should call the Chandler Police Department at 480-782-4130.