Debate on border security and illegal immigration rages on

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Debate over border fence rages on

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PHOENIX - Illegal immigration and border security has long been a burden for Arizona and now some worry the President's budget will not do enough to help.

Michelle Dallacroce, the founder of Mothers Against Illegal aliens, says, "This comes down to national securitynational security for our country.

Border protection and what to do to keep America safe is a constant source of debate. Dallacroce is a supporter of the border fence. She admits, "I want to see a national barrier."

In 2006 President Barrack Obama agreed, joining 79 other senators, supporting a border fence along the United States and Mexico. Now his new budget proposal cancels any plans and funding to extend the fence beyond the 670 miles already completed or planned.

Dallacroce says, "We have car dealers being bailed out...why is that money being given to everyone else besides the national security of the United States to date is deplorable.

But many immigration activists say a border fence is not the answer. Elias Bermudez, an immigration activist, says, "A physical fence is a waste of money and energy. Bailing out the bank is something working for the economy."

Still Bermudez agrees something must be done. "We must continue to secure our borderscan do it through a virtual fence and manpower and create legal mechanism for people who want to come and do good." A virtual fence would include cameras and sensors, a form of border security this activist supports but worries is not enough.

Dallacroce explains, "One thing after another keeps coming over the border and yet they won't finish the fencewhat will it take for them to secure the borders?

3TV called Arizona lawmakers on Friday and heard back from Congressman Harry Mitchell's spokesperson who says he is opposed to the border security cuts.