Apartment complex fire found by 7 year old boy

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Boy called a hero

PHOENIX -- A 7 year old boy is being called a hero after alerting his mother to a fire in a nearby apartment unit.

Devantay Ferris noticed flames coming from an apartment on the first floor of their complex. He ran to his mother, Crystal Gonzalez and told her about the fire.

Devantay's mother and aunt saw the fire, grabbed an extinguisher, and began fighting the fire from an exterior window.

Fire crews arrived moments later as the rest of the complex began to empty out.

The fire was contained to a single unit, which was not occupied at the time.

Fire officials say they believe the fire was set, but details on who or how the fire started have not been revealed.

No one was hurt during the incident.

The apartment complex is located near the intersection of 12th street and Northern.