Joggers see body floating in Phx canal and call police

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Police looking for signs of foul play

PHOENIX - Police are investigating after a body was found in a Phoenix canal on Monday evening near 7th St. and Northern.

Just around sunset divers worked to pull the body from the canal. Police got a couple of calls over the course of the day about a body floating in the canal. The last call came in Monday night by a couple of joggers who helped officers locate the body.

3TV still does not have any information on who it is or how the person ended up in the canal. Officers are only saying it is the body of an adult who was wearing a long-sleeved black shirt.

A lot of people use the trails along the canal and a crowd gathered for about an hour as people watched the recovery effort.

Rodney Kendall, a witness, tells 3TV, "I come here a lot, I know this stuff happens here, but first time I've seen it in person." Joe Hasse, another witness, admits, "There's a lot of crime, I know that, but never seen anything like this before."

Homicide detectives have taken over the investigation and are looking for any signs of foul play.