10 Months after graduating college, woman still doesn't have diploma

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman earned her degree so why doesn't she have her diploma?

Getting a college degree is a great achievement in life. After all, you invest your time, you go to classes, you take tests, you earn an education.

That's what a Valley woman did and although she graduated last year, her diploma is nowhere in sight.

"My main passions were directing, editing and screenwriting," Samantha Johnson said.

And because of that passion, Johnson decided to pursue her dream of media production by going to Scottsdale Community College to get her degree.

"I have always dreamed about wanting to go into film production, whether it's editing or being on the set," she said.

Johnson said she achieved a big part of her dream by graduating from SCC in December 2007.

But after earning her degree, Johnson says there's a problem.

"It feels like for all that hard work, I get nothing out of it," she said.

That's because 10 months after graduating, Johnson still hasn't received her diploma.

"If I were to go out and look for a production job or an editing job or anything like that, I don't have a degree to show to prove that I did graduate," Johnson said.

And Johnson says every time she calls SCC, she's not able to get any clear answers about her diploma. So, she contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I'm hoping that by coming to 3 On Your Side that I can be able to open up a line of communication," she said.

SCC immediately looked into the matter and said their records showed they did sent out Johnson's degree way back in July, but that they would re-print and mail another one.

Well, right after that phone call, Johnson called 3 On Your Side and guess what? Her degree, the one that was sent out in July, finally arrived.

3 On Your Side has learned the degree was actually mailed in July like the college told us, but that it went to her previous address.

It was then returned, but apparently it bounced around in the mail for months and finally arrived at Johnson's correct address.

Today, Johnson is happy to finally have the degree she worked so hard to earn.

You know the saying "The check's in the mail?" Well, in this case, her degree really was in the mail. We know that because it was postmarked in July.

Thanks anyway to Scottsdale Community College, who checked into the matter so quickly.