See new White House decorator's style in the Valley

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9 p.m. White House decorator

You can get a glimpse of the new White House decorator's unique style here in the Valley.

Marvin Wilkinson says, "I think anybody doing the White House is pretty amazing and getting to know somebody and finding out he was selected for the White House is kudos to me."

Wilkinson is the president of John Brooks, Inc. It is a wholesale showroom that is the only place in Arizona where you can find the new White House decorator Michael S. Smith Collection. Wilkinson explains, "He's very hands on when you can find the time to talk to him. I told him on the phone I didn't think I would ever talk to you again because all of a sudden you're a designer for the White House."

Wilkinson was picked to decorate the First Family's private headquarters. The designer, whose clients include Steven Spielberg to Michelle Pfeiffer, has a furniture and fabric line called Jasper. "His style is very European with a modern American twist. He's got some kind of playfulness with some of his product, but there are some that is more serious and more traditional." Wilkinson adds, "It has a really nice comfort level, people feel relaxed. You don't go, 'Oh my gosh' when you walk into a place, it's like 'Wow this is really nice.'

While Wilkinson is not sure exactly what Michael has in mind for the Obama's, he gave 3TV a preview of what his style is all about. He admits, "What I think he's really good at is making the home, a home for the person. Something a lot of clients love are the texture of his fabric's color. I think that's something that he gets. He's not really strong one way or really strong this way in color. His colors are very beautiful.

When it comes to Michael's furniture Wilkinson says, "He likes antiques, he likes new things and he just kind of puts it together. It's a little eccentric and pieces aren't your typically straight-like pieces. He's got tables that are a little quirky. He's got lamps that are a little odd, but then they fit in really great."

From tables to chairs, beds and lights Michael gives his clients like the Obama's a variety of things to choose from. "I think another great thing about Michael Smith is that he is a hands-on manufacturer so he's not only a designer, but he's a manufacturer."< /p>

Wilkinson adds, "He wants to know what people's take are on his linewhat they like about his fabrics and what they don't like about the fabric.

So no matter what the First Family decides to make their new home look like, with Michael at the helm Wilkinson says it is sure to have a lot of flavor. "He has such a passion for interior design and for his product and working with clients and doing design for them. I think it's in his blood, it's his vocation."

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