Christening celebration ends in barrage of bullets

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Shooting during christening celebration

PHOENIX - A family's celebration quickly turned into chaos under a barrage of bullets.

Police say the family was celebrating a baby's christening when all of a sudden shots rang out. Two people, a girl and a woman, were hit but their injuries were not serious.

Investigators say they have no idea what might have provoked the shooting, but say it was a miracle more people were not hurt.

"It's unbelievable to me why we don't have more victims than the twoand more serious victims than we hadunbelievably lucky," said Sgt. Leon Sexton of the Phoenix Police Department. "One particular car has something like 12 rounds in it alone."

Details about the suspects are limited.

According to police, three men were reportedly seen near the house just before the shooting. They may be driving a large sedan.