DIRECTV subscriber wants the money he's owed

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BLACK CANYON CITY -- A Black Canyon City man says he is owed $64 from DIRECTV.

So, he contacted 3 On Your Side to get the money for him.

Sixty-four dollars is $64. But more importantly, it's the principle.

DIRECTV owes this man just north of Phoenix $64, but for whatever reason the company just won't mail him a check.

Dennis Merrifield admits he lives in the middle of nowhere but claims he and his wife like it that way.

What they don't like, though, is their TV reception.

"Living here in Black Canyon City, I have a mountain right here to the south of me, and I can't get reception over a normal antenna," Merrifield said.

So to make that reception better, Merrifield turned to DIRECTV, figuring a satellite dish would clear things up while at the same time give him more programming to watch.

Merrifield says it was a good decision and wound up staying with DIRECTV for several years.

"The reception and everything was fine and I didn't have a problem with the service overall," he said.

In fact, Merrifield liked DIRECTV so much he and his wife always took it with them when they traveled in their motor home. That way they always had TV.

But being on the road and away from home changed the way Merrifield paid his DIRECTV bill.

"I just round it up and pay a couple months' worth because that way if I and my wife decide to leave, you know, one month we don't even get a bill," he said.

All of those overpayments eventually gave Merrifield a $64 credit, but when he recently tried to cancel his service with DIRECTV, he says getting that $64 returned has been like pulling teeth.

"It's not much, but I'm sure I'm not the only person, you know?" Merrifield said. "The economy right now is really tough. Sixty dollars can buy a lot of gas!"

Merrifield says DIRECTV has given him all kinds of different excuses like the "check is in the mail."

And although he hasn't seen any check yet, Merrifield does keep getting a statement from DIRECTV, saying he still has a $64 credit.

"If I had a credit, why would I get four bills in the mail stating I have a credit?" Merrifield asked. "Why not just send me the check?"

DIRECTV tells me that this was their mistake and that they should have sent that $64 check long ago.

Now that we brought it to their attention, they are getting that check out immediately.