UPDATE: Both boys die after brutal bat beatings

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Both boys died on Friday


PHOENIX - Both of the children brutally attacked in a west Phoenix park have died.

Seven-year-old Jesse Ramirez died shortly before 9 a.m. on Friday. His 10-year-old cousin Edwin Pellecier died a few hours later from his injuries as well.

The boys were beaten on Tuesday by a stranger wielding a baseball bat.

The suspect, Joe Gallegos, was originally charged with two counts of child abuse.

In light of the boys deaths, detectives have added a first-degree murder charge and a second count of first-degree murder to those Gallegos already faces.

The boys' mothers set up separate bank accounts at Bank of America. You can make a contribution at any bank branch under the boys' names: Edwin Pellecier and Jesse Ramirez.


PHOENIX - 3TV is learning more about the man accused of beating two young boys with a baseball bat.

The suspect in this case is 36-year-old Joe Gallegos. Gallegos made his initial appearance in court on Wednesday afternoon. He is charged with two counts of child abuse. The two children he allegedly attacked remain in critical condition.They have been identified as 10-year-old Edwin Pellecier and his 7-year-old cousin Jesse Ramirez.

Court paperwork reveals some disturbing details about this suspect. According to police, when they showed up to question Gallegos at his home they smelled a strong odor of chlorine similar to bleach on his hands. Police also say they noticed dried stains that appeared to be blood on his shoes.

The suspect's uncle told officers that he believed Gallegos had been diagnosed as a Schizophrenic.

Earlier on Wednesday family members talked to 3TV reporter Javier Soto at the scene telling him that Gallegos had recently been released from a psychiatric facility.

3TV has also done a background check and found, at least in Maricopa County, only a couple of traffic violations. 3TV has also learned that he had an outstanding warrant on an assault charge.

Gallegos has two children of his own, ages seven and ten, the same ages as the two victims in this case. His children currently live in Colorado with their mother.