Chihuahua found duct taped in plastic bag in empty lot

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UPDATE: The Arizona Humane Society said Lotti, the Chihuahua, has made a full recovery.

She has already been adopted and her new family adores her.

They report that she gets along with all the family memebers and the pets they had.

ORIGINAL: PHOENIX - Friday afternoon an abused, 2-year-old Chihuahua was found near Central and Broadway in South Phoenix.The dog had been bound with duct tape and placed inside a plastic bag while still alive. Representatives from the Arizona Humane Society, who were tending to the dog, reported her body temperature to be near 107 degrees.

The dog's condition has reportedly improved and she is continuing to recover at the North Valley Regional Animal Hospital

Stacie Dabolt of the Arizona Humane Society called this one of the worst cases of abuse she has ever seen. "On a scale of 1 to 10, [this is] a 10" said Dabolt.The Chihuahua's front and rear paws were duct-taped together, tape went around her body and snout, and a plastic garbage bag was duct-taped over her head, according to Dabolt.

Although the dog was not wearing a collar, Humane Society workers do not believe she is a stray. Dabolt says the Chihuahua will be ready to go home after a few days of rest and recovery.She is hopeful that the dog's owner can be located so the two can be reunited.

The Humane Society is working with police to identify and apprehend the abusers in this case. The plastic bag and duct tape are being processed as possible evidence.

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