Signs in Valley flashing zombie warnings

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Zombies invade Phoenix

PHOENIX - Zombie warnings on the highway right here in the Valley.

Thursday night we first told you about signs in Texas being hacked into and re-programmed.

"They are such a terrifying threat -- beware zombies."

One Valley resident thought we should be warned and last night changed the words on a construction sign on 16th Street and Campbell to read "Beware Zombies".

It's not the only warning sign of a possible zombie apocalypse.

People are altering digital signs around the country.

One in Austin gives you advice on where to hide from the undead.

The vandals change the words by breaking into the metal box under the sign and using the keyboard inside.

The people 3TV talked to downtown thought the prank was humorous

But leave these caution signs to the pros because if caught tampering with the signs you'll be hit with a hefty fine.

The city doesn't own the signs, they are contracted out.

The company who owns the sign vandalized last night said they have since solved the issue.