ADOT worker finds apparent hand grenade off U.S. 60 in Mesa

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MESA -- Explosives experts were called out to westbound U.S. 60 near Sossaman Road Friday morning after an ADOT worker found what appeared to be a hand grenade.

Experts dismantle device

Hand grenade found along U.S. 60 at Sossaman? - Investigators and explosives experts were called out after an ADOT worker found what he believed to be a hand grenade along westbound U.S. 60 near Sossaman.

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It happened shortly after 6 a.m.

According to the Department of Public Safety, the device was a World War II-style practice grenade that had been modified into an improvised explosive device.

Aerial video showed DPS officers and members of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit surrounding the grenade with sandbags.

EOD personnel were able to dismantle the explosive remotely.

DPS said the grenade was rusted and looked like it had been in the area for some time.

Because the device was over a hill near the sound barrier wall, traffic on U.S. 60 was not affected.

DPS is asking anybody who has information about the explosive device to contact investigators.