Principal who found newborn baby in school trash can talks

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Principal relives finding baby

PHOENIX -- Osborn Middle School Principal Marty Makar is the one who first came upon that heartwrenching scene - a baby tossed away with the litter of everyday school life.

Makar shared how events played out that day as she walked back from a meeting and an unexpected sound caught her ear.

"So I went to look in the trash can."

There was a plastic bag, open, and a wad of clothes in it.

"It didn't look like anything special , except that the clothing inside the bag was moving."

Makar called for the vice principal and says they immediately called 9-1-1. Their first concern was the little new born boy, but the fabric in the bag matched thier school uniforms - opening new questions about the mother.

"He was healthy he was sucking on his hand, he was doing fine thank goodness, but aside from all that emotion for the little boy, we know this girl, she is part of our Osborn Middle school family."

While Makar says they had no idea at that point who the mother was a janitor had seen drops of blood in the nurses office.

School nurse Ellen Phungrassamee confirmed a girl spent most ofthe day in her office complaining of cramps.

At 4pm the girl left, saying she felt better.

About 90 minutes later the infant was found in a school trash can.

While some say the newborn's mother should have known better, the principal says that's asking a lot from a 14 year old.

"We are asking a child who we arent' even sure if she knew of her condition, who is experiencing something hardly any other child goes thru, to find a safe haven. I dont' know how fair that is."