4 Dead in plane crash transporting pot and cash

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HOLBROOK - There was a big surprise for local law enforcement after a plane went down in rural Navajo County.


4 traveling in 'transporting' plane killed

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The first thing officers found were four people, three of them were dead at the site and one was taken to the hospital but later died as well.

Soon after the crash officers discovered the plane was being used as a "transporter."

Twisted sheets of metal and the back end of the plane is all that is left after it crashed and burst into flames in Holbrook on Thursday afternoon.

Commander Bob Sutton, with the Navajo County Sheriff's Office says, "All the bodies were burnt beyond recognition." He also tells 3TV the pilot took a nap while the plane refueled.

Commander Sutton explained, "He got sick and he was here while he was fueling up and went inside and laid down and said he wasn't feeling well."

Moments after taking off the plane went down revealing a big surprise inside. There were approximately 20 pounds of marijuana and wads of cash.

According to Texas authorities the plane was a drug "transporter" on its way back to Texas.

Commander Sutton, says, "They came through here the day before on the way to California and fueled up, so they were just returning from California and heading home.