City worker mauled by dogs, police shoot dogs dead

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Dogs attack city worker

PHOENIX - A man is fighting for his life after being attacked by two American Bulldogs.

The attack happened Tuesday morning at Mariposa Park near 33rd Avenue and Northern. That is where the city worker was brutally mauled by the dogs.

He was laying asphalt when he was viciously attacked. Carl Corona, 42, remains in critical condition at John C. Lincoln Hospital. Investigators say the canines tore into his arms and chest. They cut one of his arms down the bone.

Sam Nasser called the cops after he saw the dogs ripping into what he thought was a lifeless body, someone the dogs had already killed. "When I first came up on him he was unconscious. When they started yanking on him he started moaning and woke up. I mean it's one of the most horrible things I have ever seen."

They dogs were reportedly dragging Carl Corona's body through the park with their teeth. When officers got there to help, investigators say the dogs turned on them so they opened fire, killing both dogs.

Robert Castillo lives across the street from Corona. He says he first heard the shocking news about his friend and neighbor from one of Corona's sons. He says Corona is a dog-lover who has four of his own.

The dogs escaped from the yard of a home across the street from the park. Nasser believes officers had no choice but to put them down. "This guy's arm was hamburger, down to the bone it was the most gruesome thing I have seen in years."

3TV talked to some of the family members of the guy who owns the home where these dogs escaped from but they did not want to go on camera.