Cell phone usage played part in 2 collisions in 2 hours

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RAW: Video of SUV hitting pickup

The following is a press release from the Peoria Police Department:

PEORIA -- On Friday, September 5 there were two collisions in a two hour span in Peoria and in both cell phone usage was believed to play a part in the collision.

The first collision occurred in the 7200 block of West Peoria Avenue at about 6:40 am. The driver of a small Toyota pickup reached down to pick up his cell phone and as a result drove off the roadway, hit an irrigation gate and then collided with a live electrical power pole resulting in the pole falling onto the truck. As a result of this crash the eastbound traffic lanes of Peoria Avenue from 75th Avenue to 71st Avenue were closed for about 4 hours.

The second collision occurred at 75th Avenue and Thunderbird at about 8:15 am when an east bound SUV failed to stop for the red light and collided with a pick-up truck making a left turn on to south bound 75th Avenue. The red light enforcement camera at the intersection captured the collision and in the photo the driver of the SUV running the red light can clearly be seen talking on her cell phone.

The Peoria Police Department is reminding drivers of not only the distractions of the use of cell phones by drivers but of all the distractions while driving and the dangers they cause. Some of the other distractions that can lead to collisions:

Text messaging or using other electronic devices such as laptops Eating Shaving or putting on make-up Reading Being overly involved in conversations or the radio talk show Feeding babies Talking to kids in back seat Singing and "dancing" to the music