Fans react to Cardinals playoffs win over Falcons

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Fans celebrate Cardinals playoffs win

GLENDALE - It is something that has been over 60 years in the making for the Arizona Cardinals.

Saturday the red birds won their first home playoff game since 1947 and that was back when they were playing in Chicago.

But now home is Glendale and that is where the Cardinals got the 30 to 24 victory over the Atlanta Falcons marking yet another milestone for the organization.

It was the first playoff victory in a decade for a team many had counted out.

Darnell Dockett says, "Can't describe it, hell I couldn't even describe the feeling of winning the division, so you know I can't describe the winning the playoff game."

Coach Ken Whisenhunt added, "Our players, first of all, believed that we could win. They believed in what we're doing, and that showed up today."

Next up for the Cardinals is a road game against either the Giants or the Panthers.