UPDATE: Baby who nearly drowned in tub dies of pneumonia

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PHOENIX -- A baby who nearly drowned in a bathtub late last year has died.

Baby's mother speaks

Anthony Dukes, 1, passed away Friday morning after nearly drowning in a bathtub back in December.

Anthony's father was giving the baby a bath at a Phoenix hotel. He stepped away for a moment and when he returned Anthony was under water.

Anthony has been in the hospital since that late December day. This morning he died of pneumonia.

Anthony's mother said parents should always keep a close eye on their children.

A bank account will be set up to help cover the costs for Anthony's funeral.

ORIGINAL STORY: Baby critical after nearly drowning in bathtub at Valley hotel (Dec. 29, 2008)

PHOENIX - A baby boy is fighting for his life after nearly drowning in a bathtub.

It happened at the Homestead Suites hotel near Dunlap and 19th avenues. That baby boy is at Phoenix Children's Hospital, where 3TV is told he is stabilizing, but still has a long road ahead after nearly drowning Sunday morning.

A Phoenix police spokesperson admits, "These are the worst type of calls we see."

The 11-month-old baby boy was in the tub with his 3-year-old sister when it happened.

"The children were bathing together and there was a lot of water in the tub," said police.

Firefighters say the children's father was in the room but had stepped away for a minute to grab a cup of coffee. When he returned the child was underwater.

Firefighters say the father immediately called 911 and started doing CPR.

It's not unknown how long the boy was under water.

"I'm sure seconds feel like minutes but it only take a few seconds," said police. It could be less than a minute and that would still be too much time."

The 3-year-old girl is said to be fine, but firefighters found her brother in very critical condition.

The boy's family is from Cottonwood, and was only in town to visit family. The boy was taken from the hotel to John C. Lincoln Hospital and then airlifted to Phoenix Childrens Hospital.

The boy's condition is said to be stabilizing but otherwise his condition is unknown.

Firefighters are emphasizing the importance of watching children around water -- any water -- so hopefully these accidents can be prevented in the future.