Oprah's ongoing weight battle inspires Valley women

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Oprah's weight battle inspires Valley women

Oprah has inspired thousands over the years, including Phoenix residents who appreciate her honesty when it comes to trying to cut the fat.

One Valley woman admits, "Everybody's talking about it." Another one adds, "Her yo-yo dieting...what's new? God love her."

Oprah explained on her show, "I said, 'Why don't we just tell the truth. Why don't we just put my fat butt on the cover'?"

Oprah says she is fat so she put her "fat butt" on the cover of her latest O Magazine and launched her Best Life series hoping to inspire America to get healthy. Oprah admitted on the air, "I am mad at myself. I'm embarrassed. I can't believe I'm still talking about weight."

A woman 3TV talked to says, "She's reality. She's a star and she struggles with her weight just like anyone else could."

Folks at a Valley Weight Watchers have mixed feelings on the subject. One woman says, "I empathize with her how hard it must be for her," while another one admits, "I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for her. With all that money, if I could afford to hire a personal chef, a personal trainer, a personal spiritual advisor and have that team, I wouldn't be at Weight Watchers. I just can't relate to her too well."

Regardless, Oprah's increase in weight translated to an increase in ratings.

3TV spoke to a woman who says, "If you have been overweight and you lose weight, you're not going to purposely gain weight, it's too hard to lose weight."

Oprah explained on her show, "Part of the issue of getting yourself back on track is you have to accept where you are."

Oprah is inspiring others here in the Valley to take control. One Valley woman attempting to lose weight explains, "It made me get back in my routine in January and it made me watch what I eat." Another one adds, "She's on her way to losing weight and I'm on mine and it's kinda nice to watch her stuff on losing weight and becoming a better person."

You can watch Oprah on 3TV.