2 Teens killed in brutal wreck, vigil held in their honor

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PHOENIX -- Police are trying to determine exactly what led up to a deadly wreck that one first responder called the worst crash he's ever seen.

One of victims was H.S. assistant coach

Two young men -- an 18-year-old and a 19-year-old -- were pronounced dead on the scene. Two more -- both 17 -- were rushed to the hospital, one of them in critical condition.

According to Phoenix police the deceased have been identified as Ricardo Ugalde Jr., 18, and Jorge Albert Henriquez, 19.

A fifth person, the driver of car, suffered minor injuries, but refused treatment and was being questioned by police.

The wreck happened at about 1 a.m., at 47th Avenue and Osborn Road.

The five young men were in a four-door sedan, possibly a Crown Victoria. The car reportedly was barreling down 47th Avenue south of Osborn Road when the 18-year-old driver apparently blew through a stop sign, lost control on a turn and plowed through a concrete and wood wall and into a tree.

"A lot of violence and interaction between the vehicle -- there is a tree back there, some concrete fencing, or a mailbox, something of that nature, that it struck," said Sgt. Chris Moore of the Phoenix police Department. "There's enough to slow down that vehicle's energy pretty rapidly, and change the direction of the vehicle."

The engine of the car caught fire after the impact.

Police do not think the two who were killed were wearing seat belts.

Moore said investigators believe speed was a factor in the wreck, but they are not yet sure if alcohol was involved.