Woman pays for flooring but never receives it

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman paid thousands of dollars for new flooring so why hasn't she received it?

She ordered the flooring way back in July. Well, it's now September and she still doesn't have a thing.

The company she dealt with is called Carpet Mills so what's going on with this business?

Barbara Floyd enjoys decorating her home so back in July, she decided it was time to update her flooring with some new carpet and Pergo floors.

Floyd says she went to Carpet Mills of America because she had done business with them in the past.

"I went back to them knowing that I was probably paying a little higher price, but I like to take my business to the local store," she said.

Floyd gave Carpet Mills $700 as a down payment for her new flooring.

As for the remaining $6,000 balance, Carpet Mills financed Floyd through a financial institution called GE Money.

Then, she waited for her new flooring to arrive.

In the meantime, she painted her walls and didn't mind the paint splattering on the carpet because, after all, she was getting new carpet right away.

Well that's what she thought.

"Well, I'm left with a big mess in my bedroom," Floyd said.

That's because after two months of waiting and paint all over her carpet, she still hasn't received her flooring. So she called the store to get some answers

"I had begged somebody to call me back," she said.

After getting no response from Carpet Mills but still getting bills for $6,000 worth of flooring she ordered, Floyd decided to contact 3 On Your Side.

"I'm a little frustrated because I don't operate this way," she said. "I do my projects very quickly."

3 On Your Side discovered the Carpet Mills where Floyd made her purchase was locked and had an eviction notice hanging up.

We went to two other Carpet Mills in the Valley and they too were closed up.

So, we decided to find the owner of Carpet Mills, a guy named James Santangelo, and went to his Surprise home.

No one ever came to the door but shortly after our visit, a man identifying himself as James Santangelo called 3 On Your Side and left a voicemail, saying, "Unfortunately we had to file bankruptcy."

Floyd says she understands the economy is bad and businesses are suffering. She only wishes she knew that before she gave Carpet Mills $700 and then financed a project that she can't get completed.

"I think rather than signing contracts in haste you should really find out before you sign," Floyd said.

By the way, the $700 down payment was put on Floyd's American Express and they have decided to refund her money.

As for GE Money, which financed the remaining $6,000 balance, they told us late today that the slate has been wiped clean and she will not have to pay.

So although Floyd does not have flooring, she at least is not stuck with a bill and that is what she was concerned about.