Valley woman has been waiting a year for her passport to arrive

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman says she paid for her passport but more than a year later, she still hasn't received it.

She just wants what she says she paid for and, in this case, Pat Cotter paid around $100 for a passport.

It's been a year since she filled out the paperwork, so where's the passport?

Cotter loves to shop. In fact, she bought a coat on a shopping spree in Mexico one time.

"I'm going to be 80, well, soon," she said.

But she says her age won't hold her back so when a friend invited her to go shopping down in Mexico again, she jumped at the chance.

"I have a friend that likes to go shopping at a little shop," Cotter said. "You had to cross the border to get there."

Wanting to be safe, Cotter decided to get a passport. So she went to the post office, filled out all the necessary paperwork and paid her passport fee.

"They took me behind in a little room and took my picture and I paid them $100 and they said I would be getting my passport," Cotter said.

Well, that was more than a year ago and Cotter says she still doesn't have her passport and every time she calls to inquire, she gets nowhere.

"So far I've got neither one -- no money and no passport," she said.

3 On Your Side got in touch with Cotter's congressman, John Shadegg, in hopes that he could grease the wheels with the State Department, which issues passports.

Shaddegg's office is currently looking into the matter and either trying to find out where Cotter's passport is or possibly just get her money back.

"One hundred dollars, well yes, it would help a lot," she said. "I just lost my job so it would be sort of nice to have that $100 back."

After Shadegg's office got involved, guess what? They found the paperwork.

Apparently, Cotter's application was routed to the wrong office and they are now working with the State Department to get things right and to get Cotter her passport or maybe her money back.