Cheaper Super Bowl tix and NFL packages still available

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You can still get to the Super Bowl with NFL packages

Tickets for the Super Bowl might be cheaper, but they definitely are not cheap.

That said, the price point is better than years past and that has many fans considering a trip to the big game.

One fan admits, "Make the tickets cost drop drop drop and I'm gonna godefinitely I'll be there."

A ticket to the Super Bowl is what everyone wants but not everyone can afford this year, though it might be easier than you thought with close to face value prices popping up all over the internet.

Some brokers blame the Cardinals appearance for making tickets almost 30% less expensive than last year, pointing out the franchise's fledgling fan base. That is a notion that offends many.

One fan says, "Cardinals might have something to do with it but that won't be the case next year and following years."

You can always blame the economy too for keeping fans from the big game.

One person admits, "I can't afford it. The economy is bad right nowwon't be able to do it."

While cheaper than years past, $1,400 and $1,500 is still a lot of money, especially when you factor in a hotel and airfare.

Many fans are flocking to the National Football League (NFL) package deals available through Quint Events. A spokesperson explains, "Our packages start at $2,999 per person. It includes your ticket, your hotel and hospitality."

That is 4 nights at the Ritz Carlton, festivities, food and beverage before and after the game. It is a deal many recognize as good.

For more information on the NFL package deals and tickets, .

There are still hundreds of NFL package deals out there and 3TV found airfare today for as low as $230 round trip, which is something to consider if you are heading to Tampa.