Man accused of stabbing stepfather, grandparents

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Suspect in custody

Third victim found in Scottsdale stabbings, suspect in custody - Scottsdale police are holding a man after a triple stabbing Sunday involving an elderly couple and a 54-year-old man.

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SCOTTSDALE -- A man's being held without bond on charges accusing him of murdering his stepfather and attempting to murder his grandparents.

In a probable cause statement, Scottsdale police say Alexander Willeford said he killed Dirk Willeford Friday night at the man's apartment by stabbing him in the throat with a hunting knife after his stepfather denied owing him money.

Police allege Willeford also robbed the victim and took keys to his grandparents' home, where he went early Sunday to kill his 79-year-old grandmother, Delores Willeford. While attacking the woman with his hunting knife, said police, Willeford's 81-year-old grandfather, Jack, came in and was attacked.

Police say the suspect told them he wanted to kill his grandmother because she hated him.

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