Porcelain and stone mosaics for the patio

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Home project

Spruce up your patio with tile - Debbie Hernandez from The Home Depot shows azfamily.com's Scott Pasmore how easy it can be to spruce up your patio with tile.

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-Tiling 1-2-3 Book

-Tiling tools, trowel, float, sponge, buckets, chalk line, T-square, tape measure, tile saw

-Safety glasses



-Floor leveler if the floor is not level

-Mesh backed stone groupings for the patio or porcelain mosaics for the patio

-Grout sealer

-Stone sealer, if using travertine or real stone


-Always consult a professional tile installer if you have any questions.

-Use the Tiling 1-2-3 book as a reference (all tiling projects are in there)

-Prepare your concrete, clean, check for moisture, level and/or waterproof if necessary.

-Find your T-zone. Use the chalk line to find the center by snapping it from the center of both sides of the patio. This will give you a starting point.

-A complete grid and a dry set (lay out all tile, including cuts, before setting) would help.

-Mix thinset according to instructions. (Versabond for exterior, worksgreat)

-Using proper trowel size (based on the tile) spread your 1st section of thinset .

-Spread with straight edge of trowel, then go back and comb section with teeth of trowel.

-Place your mesh backed mosaic grouping of tile, moving it back and forth approx. 1/8"inch, to set it in the thinset.

-Place your next grouping of tile, placing spacers in between for proper grout line spacing. If using the mosaics on mesh, no spacers are necessary (spacer size, trowel size, sanded or non-sanded grout, all depends on the tile)

-Continue laying. If no dry set was done, make any necessary cuts as you go.

-To cut tile use a hand tile cutter or a power wet tile saw. Diamond saw bit for stone.

-Use a wax pencil tile marker to mark cuts.

-Let dry.

-If using the stone mosaics on mesh, use a stone sealer and pre-seal all stone (This will prevent the grout from sticking and staining the stone, let dry)

-Mix grout to peanut butter consistency, Spread grout with float.

-Wipe down with a wet sponge.

-Let dry, Wipe off haze.

-Seal grout or grout and tile. if tile is stone.

-Do any necessary caulking in high water usage areas.

Note: Installation is available at The Home Depot