Peacocks take over central Phx neighborhood

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PHOENIX - A flock of peacocks has taken over a central Phoenix neighborhood.


Peacocks take over historic Phx neighborhood -'s Jared Dillingham reports a flock of peacocks have taken over a central Phoenix neighborhood.

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Their owner moved and left the birds behind and left neighbors with a big problem in the historic neighborhood.

People in the area are conflicted. On one hand, the beautiful birds add some colorcharacter to the neighborhood.

So what's the problem? The infamous Coronado peacocks stroll right down the sidewalks, lurk in the neighbors' driveways and roost up on their roofs in the historic district.

Most in the neighborhood hate the noise, but at the same time, they appreciate the birds' beauty.

Cindy Vaughn tells 3TV, "When they spread their wings outjust beautiful birds, I think."

Nevertheless, beauty only goes so far because there is also the damage the big birds cause. Vaughn explains, "If they get on the cars they scratch the cars."

And also there is the mess. She says, "They poop all over the patios, the porches, and the cars."

So combine all that with the sound and you have a group of fed-up neighbors.

To the relief of many, this week the chicks, and several of the adult peacocks, were caught and moved to a preserve.

The flock thinned a bit but not enough for some. There are meetings planned to figure out what to do next, whether that includes trapping and moving the rest, or figuring out some sort of peaceful and hopefully quieter co-existence.

One solution they are throwing around is finding and/or choosing one of the neighbors who would keep the birds in a backyard pen.