MCSO investigates alleged death threat against Sheriff Joe

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Several items confiscated

PHOENIX - Although he is no stranger to animosity, the sheriff's office says one man protesting took things too far against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio after a threat was made against his life.

MCSO spokesperson Doug Matteson says, "One of the protestors was wearing a black mask, fully covering his face except for his eyes and his nose, wearing a black-grey t-shirt. Also he had black gloves on, along with handcuffs and a fully-loaded glock 23 semi-automatic pistol. He also had a sign in his possession that wordsI'm not going to the exact words, but it started off 'Death to Arpaio equals freedom to America'."

On Saturday the protestor was reportedly seen at the Veteran's Hospital in Phoenix. According to MCSO officials, the man was in possession of a loaded weapon, handcuffs as well as a Los Angeles police department badge. Those items were confiscated but the man was not arrested.

The man was allegedly part of a larger protest of thousands that marched on Saturday against Sheriff Arpaio's immigration policies.

The investigation is ongoing.