Day 2 Live at the Democratic National Convention

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3TV Live on Day 2 of Democratic Nat'l Convention

DENVER - A key moment in the convention will be when former Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton takes the stage tonight.

The hope is that Senator Clinton will unite the party.

Nearly two thousand delegates in Denver are pledged to Senator Hillary Clinton. Tonight, the senator will instruct her passionate supporters to set aside their differences in the interest of party unity. It's a call she made once before just two months ago.

It was last June when Hillary Clinton conceded the campaign to Barrak Obama and rallied her disappointed supporters to work on his behalf. It's a message she will repeat tonight but according to 3TV political analyst Dr. Rudy Espino, Clinton must do it much more forcefully.

"To demonstrate to the rest of America that there's a unified party there its incumbent on Hillary Clinton to tell her supporters, look the time has come for us to back this guy, who are you going to vote for John McCain?" Dr. Espino said.

Ironically, Dr. Espino said the McCain camp is basing its campaign against Obama on the issues first raised by Senator Clinton.

Earlier today, the senator, along with daughter Chelsea, did a walk through at the Pepsi Center. Once she thought this would be the scene of her making history, tonight she still may make history, but the beneficiary would be Barrack Obama.

"Clinton has to be more forceful than she was when she last conceded," Dr. Espino said. "She has to be adamant that not to support Barrack Obama is the worst thing you can do to this country."

Dr. Espino thinks tonight's speech along with tomorrow nights address by former President Bill Clinton should seal the deal and provide the party with the unity it so desperately needs.

Some prominent Democrats have expressed concern that so far, the convention has been too soft on presumptive Republican nominee John McCain.

Dr. Espino said he expects Hillary Clinton to begin the onslaught that will culminate Thursday night with Joe Biden's acceptance speech as the party's vice presidential nominee.