Police shoot innocent homeowner multiple times in mix-up

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UPDATE: Thursday evening

Police continue investigating

PHOENIX - It was a shooting scene 3TV first showed viewers Wednesday night and 3TV has now learned it was a police officer who mistakenly shot a 35-year-old homeowner.

Police say it all started at a house on Mulberry Street around 8 p.m. Twenty-seven-year-old Angel Canales walked up begging to come inside, allegedly saying he had been shot.

Police tell 3TV, "The residents at that location allowed him to come in to the house. Immediately they noticed he was acting in a bizarre behavior like something was wrong with him.They called police."

Neighbors say that is when the man moved on. When police arrived they found a nearby house's window shot out and a woman and her children outside screaming.

The officers then ran inside yelling orders to come out. A police officer then mistook the homeowner for a suspect and fired up to six shots, hitting him in the stomach and leg. His broken window is now boarded up.

The homeowner is in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Neighbors say he had a gun because he had been burglarized before.


PHOENIX -- Phoenix Police responded to reports of a shooting Wednesday night.

The incident happened near 32nd street and Thomas in east Phoenix.

Phoenix Fire say that they treated 2 victims who had been shot multiple times.

One victim was 27 years old, the other was 35.

Phoenix Police say that an officer did discharge their weapon, but do not know if the rounds hit any of the suspects.

Authorities believe they have all suspects accounted for but did search the area as a precaution.