Plans to add more speed cameras to Valley freeways on hold

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PHOENIX -- One hundred new speed cameras were supposed to be up and running by February but the Department of Public Safety put the brakes on that plan.

Phase II of plan delayed

Drivers are all too familiar with the 70 cameras and mobile vans placed around the Valley, which are part of Phase 1.

The Department of Public Safety might be putting the brakes on a plan for more photo radar cameras, but Phase 2 is not coming to a complete stop.

Phase 2, which entails an additional 12 to 14 cameras, was scheduled to roll out sometime in December and January, but DPS is delaying the expansion, not putting it on hold, by only two to eight months.

DPS says they need more time to reevaluate the cameras' locations.

"We wanted to take a look at are the cameras we have in place actually being used at the proper locations, are we seeing results that we want to see," DPS Lt. James Warriner said. "That's what we're doing right now."

One of the areas DPS is looking at is Loop 303.

"We've already realized just on the State Route 303 we're starting to see an increase in those intersections of serious injury collisions," Warriner said.

In January, legislation was proposed that would alter or end the speed camera program.

But drivers, beware, more cameras are scheduled to be rolled out statewide this year.

Photo radar continues to be a controversial issue, but until we see anything in the Legislature, DPS plans to continue with Phase 2 because officials say the cameras save lives.

Some officials within the Legislature say that the program only exists to make money for the state.