UPDATE: Rest of Phoenix pools to reopen Mon. and Tues.

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UPDATE: Monday, July 21

PHOENIX -- -- Phoenix officials say the rest of the public pools closed following an intestinal parasite outbreak will reopen Monday and Tuesday.

City of Phoenix spokeswoman Toni Maccarone says 11 will reopen Monday and the final three are expected to open Tuesday.

A total of 26 pools were closed last week after officials believe an accidental bowel movement caused the outbreak at Starlight Park and Marivue pools in west Phoenix.

The contaminations sickened nearly 60 people, though only two people have confirmed cases of cryptosporidiosis. Cryptosporidium is spread through feces and causes diarrhea.

City workers spent days hyperchlorinating and backwashing the pools to clear them of the parasite.

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The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department reopened the following pools Friday at noon:

Alkire, 1617 W. Papago St. Cortez, 3434 W. Dunlap Ave. David C. Uribe, 3801 W. Cactus Road Eastlake, 1549 E. Jefferson St. Grant, 714 S. Second Ave. Hermoso, 5749 S. 20th St. Holiday, 4530 N. 67th Ave. Marivue, 5625 W. Osborn Road Roosevelt, 6246 S. Seventh St. Starlight, 7810 W. Osborn Road Sunnyslope, 301 W. Dunlap Road

Three pools will open Saturday at noon:

Maryvale, 4444 N. 51st. Ave. Pecos, 17010 S. 48th St. Telephone Pioneer, 1946 W. Morningside Drive

Additional pools will open in the next few days as staff completes the cleaning and the chlorine levels drop back down to safe levels for swimming.

Several pools reopening Friday

As people return to the pools, the city and health officials are urging visitors with symptoms of intestinal illness to refrain from swimming for at least two weeks after symptoms have disappeared.


PHOENIX -- The city of Phoenix plans to begin reopening public pools in a rolling fashion this weekend.

City officials say all 29 city pools have been hyperchlorinated and now they are waiting for chlorine levels to be safe for swimmers.


PHOENIX -- The city of Phoenix has closed all of its public pools after reports of people getting sick.

Authorities say that they have two confirmed cases of people being sick with Cryptosporidium or , a water-borne disease.

The disease was confirmed in two people who had waded in the Starlight city pool in west Phoenix. Authorities also say 14 lifeguards and 15 other pool visitors have reported being sick, although those cases have not been confirmed as Crypto.

The city has announced that it will close all 29 city pools. In addition to swimmers visiting different pools, lifeguards can work at different city pools, possibly spreading the disease.

Crypto is a disease that causes severe diarrhea for about a week. Dehydration is the main concern for those afflicted with crypto, especially in children and seniors.

The city of Phoenix said on its Web site that while the water at all of its pools has been tested and "has continued to meet all water quality standards," it is taking extra precautions.

"We believe this is an isolated incident at Starlight Pool, but the safety of the public is our top priority," said Phoenix City Manager Frank Fairbanks in a statement Monday night.

To that end, all will be chemically treated. The super chlorination process should take about 48 hours. Afterward the water will be tested for the disease. If those tests come back clean, the pools will be re-opened.

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