Magnetic spice-jar shelf

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-6' length of 1x4 wood plank material cut into 2, 18" pieces or desired size

-Magnetic jars (pack of 4) includes 10" magnetic hanging bar

-Stain or paint

-Polyurethane top coat

-Upholstery tacks (optional)

-Screwdriver bit on a drill


-150 grit sandpaper

-Clear Liquid Nails

-Hooks for utensils (optional)


-Cut 1x4 material into 2, 18" pieces or desired size

-Sand 1x4 to smooth out all areas

-Hold both 1x4's together in an L shape and pre-drill holes for the screws to go in ***This will prevent the wood from splitting***

-Apply a small amount of liquid nails to edge of 1x4 before screwing together

-Drill screws into pre-drilled holes in the 1x4's to create the L shaped shelf

-Stain or paint to desired finish

-Apply polyurethane top coat, let dry

-Hammer in upholstery tacks for decorative nail head touch (optional)

-Attach magnetic hanging bar below horizontal shelf

-Attach hooks at the sides of where the jars will hang on the vertical 1x4 for utensils (optional)

-Screw through vertical 1x4 into wall at studs or use wall anchors to hang the shelf

-Place spice filled jars onto hanging bar, utensils on the hooks and enjoy!

-Add more spices, candles or accessories onto the top of the shelf ***Great if you buy spices in bulk to save money by refilling the jars with your favorites*** ***Also great to organize office supplies (tacks, paper clips, staples, etc.)***


-Pre-finished Floating shelf (desired size)

-Magnetic jars (pack of 4) come 10" w

(1 pack for 12" shelf or less, 2 if 20" or more)

-Screw driver bit on a drill


-Turn shelf upside down

-Attach metal magnetic bar (included in jar pack) to bottom of shelf with included screws

-Install shelf onto wall on backsplash or desired location by attaching hanging rail to wall (Be sure to locate studs or use wall anchors)

-Place shelf onto hanging rail and secure

-Fill jars with your favorite spices, place magnetic lids on, place the jars onto the metal bar

-Place more spices, candles or whatever you like on the top of the shelf ***Great, creative, easy, inexpensive way to display and organize your spices***