Firefighters rescue worker trapped in palm tree

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PHOENIX -- Phoenix fire crews rescued a worker who was trapped in a palm tree Wednesday morning.

Firefighters rescue worker from tree

A neighbor working in his yard near 35th Avenue and Moreland Street called 911.

"He heard a loud boom, looked over and saw the gentleman struggling, trying to get out from underneath the incredible amount of weight up about 20 feet in the palm tree," said Deputy Chief Frank Salomon.

The man had pressure on his chest from the weight of all the dead fronds. However, the victim was conscious and breathing.

"We're very fortunate that the patient was able to position himself in a sideways-type position and he was able to move some of the weight off his chest and he was able to communicate with the crews as they were rescuing him," Salomon said.

Rescuers had to use hand tools to free the man.

The man was taken to a hospital for evaluation. The extent of his injuries is not known at this time.