Cardinals fan scammed while trying to buy Super Bowl tickets

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PHOENIX -- Tami Ekbom and her family are huge Arizona Cardinals fans and not just new fans, either. They've been cheering on the Cardinals since 1988 when the team arrived in Arizona.

"I enjoy it, I mean I love it! I love yelling, ya know, getting into the game!" she said.

This season was no exception and Ekbom says last week's NFC Championship win, which is sending the Cardinals to the Super Bowl, felt awesome.

"I was so numb," she said. "I was just like sick just from yelling and so much excitement! I was just so thrilled that they won!"

Not long after the game Ekbom started looking for Super Bowl tickets and found herself on the popular Web site Craigslist.

After posting an ad online saying she was looking for tickets, she was contacted by a man calling himself Ken Hill.

Hill claimed he had tickets and he was willing to sell them to her.

"He said he had tickets in Tampa Bay," she said. "He was a season ticket holder in Tampa Bay. His wife was having a baby and they weren't able to go because of that."

All Ekbom had to do was fill out a Western Union money transfer that she thought wouldn't go through until after she physically received her tickets in the mail -- at least, that's what she was told.

"He wasn't supposed to get any money," she said. "We were supposed to get the tickets and make sure they were legit before he got any money."

But just 10 minutes after wiring $959 -- the first of what was supposed to be two installments -- Ekbom started thinking she got scammed and, unfortunately, her suspicions were right because those Super Bowl tickets never arrived.

"I'm very sad," Ekbom said. "My husband's very disappointed. He's upset with me. He doesn't even want to go to Florida now."

The Better Business Bureau has come up with a list of things "not to do" when it comes to buying Super Bowl tickets. One of those reminders is to never wire money.

For the complete list of what you need to know when buying Super Bowl tickets, .