Gun sales shoot up in the Valley; ammunition is running out

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Gun sales shoot up

PHOENIX - Gun ownership is on the rise, and buyers and sellers alike say the economy is playing a major role in the change.

More people are currently buying guns than some sellers have ever seen before.

Gun shop owners say they are selling so many guns that their stores are running out of ammunition.

Sellers say they saw a spike in buyers when President Obama took office because people were afraid he would ban guns or make it harder to buy them.

Now they are saying the trend is continuing because of the economy; people now fear for their lives and property.

At Shooter's World in Phoenix, Ken Logan says his staff is seeing up to three times more gun-buyers thanusual.

"With the economy going down, people are wanting to defend themselves," says Ken Logan of Shooter's World.

So people are buying guns and lots of them.

"It's quite a bit actually," says Logan, "well, they are worried because there may be people out of work, maybe trying to take what's theirs."

The majority of buyers say it is due to the economy, and a desire to protect more than just their material things.

robert saavedra/gunbuyer

"I've got to be there to protect my family," says gun buyer Robert Saavedra. "You know, I've got two kids and they're my life."

Saavedra just bought a gun, but the problem is: he cannot find ammunition.

Stores across the country are running out.

"It's pretty bad when you can't get bullets for your guns," says Logan.

Bad for buyers like Saavedra who fear things could turn worse.

"People are desperate you know, they're getting laid off like crazy and they don't know what to do," says Saavedra. "I mean, they don't have no income and they're going to get it somehow to protect their family."

Still, Valley police departments say crime has not gone up.

Saavedra, however, isn't taking any chances.

"I want to be ready and I'm gonna be ready," he says. "It will get worse."

Shooter's World tells me most of the people buying guns because of the economy are first-time gun-buyers.

Due to this fact, gun classes are also filling up.