Over 30 yrs behind bars for man who shot at Phx officer

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Man sentenced to 34 years

PHOENIX - A man who shot a police officer in the chest will spend the next 34 years behind bars.

Cameras were not allowed in court but it was packed with officers and deputies at the sentencing.

The convicted gunman stood up in court and denied any involvement but it did not have much of an effect on the judge.

A bullet proof vest saved Officer Bret Glidewell's life in October 2007. The then 22-year-old was shot during a traffic stop by Jose Cabrera, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador.

Days after the shooting Glidewell returned to work. He told the judge on Friday the shooting still haunts him daily. He and other officers and chiefs asked the judge for a harsh sentence for the man who tried to murder him.

Assistant Police Chief Tom Lannon said, "Certainly a terrible assault against officer, but also assault against rule of law and against the community."

That was something the judge took into consideration in handing down a 34-year prison sentence for Cabrera.

Walking out of court after Friday's sentencing Glidewell's fellow officers said off camera that they were happy with Cabrera's sentence adding that they think justice has been served.

Officer Glidewell is still out on patrol in the same area where he was shot in 2007.