Confusion over cell phone cancellation, refund

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PHOENIX - A Valley woman said her cell phone provider owes her money, so she contacted 3 On Your Side.

The cell phone company in question is Cricket Wireless.

She prepaid her Cricket bill one month in advance, but after she cancelled her service getting that money back she says has been nearly impossible.

Cindy Donimari said a cell phone is a necessity and for her, so is finding the best deal.

"My daughter was able to get a really good deal through T-Mobile and by including me on her family plan, it actually cost me less money," she said.

Now, Cindy initially had cell phone service through Cricket and had even pre-paid her April bill which amounted to $50.

So when she switched to T-Mobile, Cindy of course wanted Cricket to refund the $50 she prepaid because after all, she wouldn't be using Cricket.

But there were big problems.

"I had to wait ten business days," she said. "After the ten business days, there was still no money in the account. I called. The porting department never cancelled the number."

That was the problem, so although Cindy in fact cancelled her Cricket service, Cricket claims they have no record she did, even though her telephone was ported.

"So basically, they're charging me for service I cancelled, for service they never gave me, but they're keeping my money for that," she said.

We contacted Cricket which immediately looked into the issue.

Cricket told 3 On Your Side they will be issuing Cindy her $50 refund right away, which is good news to Cindy.