ASU is biggest school in the nation

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TEMPE -- This year's enrollment at Arizona State University surpassed that of Ohio State, which had been the largest school until now.

ASU has 67,082 students enrolled this year. It's a school record enrollment with nearly 3,000 more students this year compared to last year.

Some students say they came for the weather, some for ASU football and some cite a good education.

Some Sun Devils also mentioned the Super Bowl and the upcoming NBA All-Star Game that put Arizona in the spotlight. And students say Arizona Sen. John McCain being a presidential nominee helps, too.

"Yeah, I think a lot of people read about this place," student Camille Newman said.

But can this now populated place keep up?

"Just when you hit the peak points of the day like around the afternoon time, you'll see a lot of people here," student Jeremy Terry said. "But when it comes to classroom size, which is the most important thing, it's not really that much of a problem."

ASU says it works hard to keep classes small and faculty staffed.

"We don't try to be large, but we're in one of the largest growing areas of the country and so we really just try to accommodate all the students who are qualified to come here so they don't feel lost and they can get the help they need," said Sarah Auffret with ASU.

ASU says the campuses around the Valley like the downtown campus have also helped fuel the increase.