Plan a fairy tale wedding in spite of dismal economy

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Plan your wedding on a budget

I'm hoping at the end of the day everyone is going to, I'm hoping, think it's a beautiful wedding and that it was this expensive luxurious thing, but a lot of stuff we saved on the corners," admits Tamsyn Lawrence.

Lawrence is looking to tie the knot this March. To help her save money she called on master bridal consultant Kim Horn. "Figure out number one, two and three as to what you want for the day of the wedding," advises Horn.

Lawrence explains, "Photography was the most important thing and it's also been the driving force behind a lot of our decisions. From there it was making sure everyone enjoyed the food and had a good time."

Once you know what is most important, Horn says you will figure out where you can cut corners. Because having great food was a top priority, Lawrence saved by inviting fewer guests. And speaking of those invitations she says, "I cut my invitation cost down by half looking online and getting them from an online store."

As for the centerpieces, Lawrence explains, "I made sure I chose flowers that were within my budget."

Horn says buying local, especially when it comes to flowers, can really cut down on your cost. "So everything is here. You're saving on transportation costs; you don't have to do any customs. Everything is right here."

Now as for the cake, Lawrence says she headed to "Let Them Eat Cake" in Phoenix. Horn says one way to save in this area is to glam up the piece the bride and groom will cut into and then give a basic sheet cake to the guests.

"If you do a sheet cake behind it, they're cutting cake and it's the same flavor, the same filling, the same icing but it doesn't have the fancy ornaments."

To stretch your dollar even further, depending on where you do the wedding, Horn says renting stuff might be the answer. At Tri-Rentals you can get everything from furniture to fine china."< /p>

Horn advises, "What you can do is use what the resort has for you and just incorporate other things in which are going to save you money and totally transform your room."

Last but not least you should enjoy every minute of planning your fairy tale wedding. Lawrence advises, "Enjoy the process because it goes so quickly."

So if you are getting married, you might want to check out the Arizona Bridal Show at the Phoenix Convention Center.

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