14,000 Looking for a job invade Valley career expo

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Over 13,000 attend Valley career expo

PHOENIX - Eye contact, dress to impress and have your resume ready are just a few suggestions for job-seekers.

There are dozens of things employers look for during an interview but in today's job market, meeting the minimum requirements just will not cut it.

A job fair held at the University of Phoenix Stadium on Wednesday had people looking for jobs pouring into the stadium. One hundred and fifty companies participated.

Approximately 14,000 job-seekers turned out for the career expo and hundreds were just getting in just an hour before the fair ended.

Due to the high number of attendees, the companies were unable to make on-the-spot hires. Instead, they are calling people back for second interviews.

The lines were pretty incredible. Companies 3TV spoke with say if there is one piece of advice they have for anyone who is looking for a job right now is that you must stand out.

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