McCain/Obama scarecrow at state fair causes controversy

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Political scarecrow deemed 'too controversial'

PHOENIX - A display at the Arizona State Fair has a lot of people talking.

It was created by students from a Mesa elementary school and it is the theme not everyone at the fair is thrilled about.

This year Loretta Rodriguez' sixth-grade class from Mesa's Whitman Elementary decided that in honor of the upcoming presidential election, their scarecrow would have a political theme.

Rodriguez explains, "We decided to do one together to show both parties together so we did one that's half McCain, half Obama."

Nevertheless, the bipartisan scarecrow caused quite a controversy so officials at the fair removed it.

"The superintendant said "too sensitive" to show right now," says Rodriguez. "It's not controversial, it's 11 and 12-year-olds who are studying the election showing the two partiesthe two candidates. Kristi Walsh with the Arizona State Fair tells 3TV, "We look at everything that has a political nature and we have to evaluate it on a case by case basis.

The official entry rules do not mention anything about political themes.

Walsh says the half McCain, half Obama scarecrow was not the only entry that was pulled. "There was one other one that was 100 % Obama and we did remove it from display because it was not balanced."

Wednesday morning the Obama/McCain scarecrow was not only back on display, but it won 2nd place in the category of character.

State Fair officials say they are considering making some changes to the entry rules for next year.