Asst. principal faces sexual exploitation involving student

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Administrator on paid leave

PHOENIX - The assistant principal of Buckeye Union High School has been arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor.

Investigators say Matthew Conover, 35, received explicit pictures of a 17-year old student on his personal cell phone.

School administrators say they found the student talking on her cell phone while on campus during school, which is a rules violation.The phone was taken from the student and text messages between Conover and the student were discovered.At least two sexually explicit pictures of the student were also discovered. That is when the school administration immediately contacted the Buckeye Police Department.

When interviewed by police detectives, both the student and Conover confirmed the transmission of the photographs. The student's phone has been recovered but Conover's phone has not been located.Conover told police, "I conveniently lost my phone today."

Students 3TV spoke with say they are shocked by the allegations.

Tiara Brown admits, "I feel very uncomfortable because anything can be going on with any of these people teachers, bus drivers... anybody."

Conover was arrested but has been released. He is on paid administrative leave pending the investigation.