Juicing with Arizona ingredients

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Juicing with Arizona ingredients: cactus juice and pine needles

Created by Executive Chef Massimo De Francesca



SaltRock's "Pine - Apple" Juice


-5 stems of Douglas fir pine needles (any green pine needle will work)

-2 cups Gala apples (chopped, no seeds - granny smith works perfectly fine)

-2 oz apple cider vinegar 

-2 cups baby spinach

-2 cups of apple cider 

-A pinch of ground cinnamon 


-High speed blender  

-Fine strainer

-Small ladle 

-Container for the juice 


Clean and wash the spinach, apples and pine needles. Pull the needles off the stems. Set aside. Dice the apples. You can peel the apple if you prefer. In a high-speed blender, add all the ingredients and blend smooth, approx. 1 minute. Pass the juice through a fine mesh strainer. The pulp can make great fertilizer! Chill and enjoy! (This recipe should yield 4 cups of juice.)

Thirsty Cactus Juice


-2 leaves or 8oz of Nopales cactus leaves, cleaned (canned OK)

-2 cups of fresh baby spinach

-2 fresh oranges, peeled

-1 pint of fresh strawberries

-1/2 cup filtered water 

Tools / equipment:

-High-speed blender  

-Fine strainer

-Small ladle 

-Container for the juice 


Wash all ingredients and dry. Place all ingredients in the high-speed blender, such as a Vitamix blender. Begin on a low speed, slowly increase, and then blend on high speed for one minute. Place the strainer over the container and pour the juice. With the ladle, press the juice through the strainer. Juice will keep for three days. Chill and enjoy! (This recipe should yield 4 cups of juice.)