Husband defends juror's decision in Arias sentencing retrial

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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -  The husband of the only juror who voted for life in prison in the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial defended his wife's actions today.

"She did her job. She did her job. She looked at everything there was to look at -- all the facts, all of the reports. She looked at all of the pictures. It had nothing to do with anything being preemptive. She didn't go into that with any thoughts. She did her job to a T," he said.

But other members of the jury disagree with him.

They spoke to the media Thursday and said the juror who wanted life in prison instead of the death penalty for Arias walked into the case with her mind made up.

"The biggest thing that angered me was that she alluded that the death penalty would be a form of revenge," said one juror who voted for the death penalty.

The woman's husband said in response to that, "She said she felt like she was being assaulted by all the other jurors trying to get her to go the other way. She held strong to her beliefs, and I'm proud of her for that."

Other jury members tried to convince her to choose the death penalty. They even tried to get the judge to consider appointing an alternate in her place.

"It turned into more of a pride thing of standing her ground than what was actually believed," said another juror.

She did stand her ground, and her husband says she would do it again.

The juror's husband asked not to be identified. He said his family is already receiving threats.