'Churro Dog' latest indulgent snack bar treat at Chase Field

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Baseball fans know that there's more to the game than what's happening on the field. It's what's happening at the snack bar that often makes news!

This year's newest indulgent offering at Chase Field is sure to appeal to the sweet tooth of any Diamondback fan.

It's called the "Churro Dog." The decadent, sugary concoction features a warm cinnamon churro, resting inside a Long John chocolate-glazed donut. The creation is then topped with frozen yogurt, caramel and chocolate sauces.

Thanks, in part, to its use of fro-yo instead of ice cream, the estimated calorie count is just 1,117.

The Churro Dog will set you back $8.50, and is available at two stands on the main concourse at Chase Field.

Its creator, Chef Snoke, hopes the Churro Dog will be just as popular as last year's featured item, the bacon- and cheese-stuffed D-Bat corn dog. That battered and deep-fried offering measured 18-inches in length, and cost $25.

The team sold 9,517 D-Bat dogs last year, and will offer them again this year.